Shoulder Conditions

Subachromial Impingment Syndrome

Shoulder sad

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Subacromial Impingement Syndrome (SIS) is a condition where the upper Rotator Cuff Muscles of the shoulder are caught underneath a bony prominence, the Acromion, from the shoulder-blade.

Shoulder Arthritis

shoulder arthritis
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Shoulder arthritis is a generally painful condition where the joint between the Humeral Head (the bone of the upper arm) and the Glenoid (the socket on the Scapula, the shoulder-blade) is worn. With increasing wear movements are restricted and the joint often becomes deformed.

Shoulder Instability

shoulder disloc

Shoulder instability is a condition where the Humeral head (the ball) dislocates and no longer articulates fully with the Glenoid (the socket).
The shoulder is the joint most commonly suffering from instability. As it is a joint with an extreme range of movement this is not surprising; in fact it is a surprise that instability is not a more common.

Frozen Shoulder


Frozen shoulder or Capsultis to the shoulder joint is a painful condition associated with marked stiffness to the shoulder joint. It may have a rather sudden onset with severe pain of the shoulder. Within weeks the shoulder becomes increasingly stiff whilst the pain often subsides. Over the following months (12 – 18 months) the shoulder movements gradually improve although a return to full movements may not be occur.

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